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Winterizing Checklist

Winterizing Checklist

Portable Water System

  • Drain water from all freshwater system lines and pumps.
  • Inspect pump impellers for wear and lightly lubricate with Teflon-based grease.
  • Inspect hoses for signs of softening, cracking, bulging, leaks or pinholes and replace, if necessary, before filling lines.
  • Inspect hose clamps and replace as necessary.
  • Fill all plumbing system lines with non-toxic propylene glycol-based antifreeze.
  • Before recommissioning your vessel, add water freshener/purifier tabs to the freshwater tank to remove residual odors and condition newly added water.

Marine Sanitation Systems

  • Empty waste holding tank at an approved pumpout facility.
  • Rinse holding tank thoroughly to remove residual waste.
  • Pump antifreeze through bowl.
  • Lubricate gaskets and seacocks.
  • Check hoses for calcification and signs of wear. Replace damaged hoses if necessary.
  • Wash out vented loops.
  • Fill discharge and intake hoses with antifreeze.
  • Add antifreeze to holding tank to prevent freezing of residual waste.

  • Completely clean and drain bilge.
  • Inspect and lubricate all seacocks.
  • Clean out refrigerator, ice box, and freezer. Block door open and leave an open box of baking soda inside to absorb odors.
  • Remove cushions and curtains to store ashore.
  • Check and clean all storage compartments.
  • Secure all hatches and ports.
  • Place an appropriate number of dehumidifying devices or a thermostatically controlled heater in safe areas away from combustible materials.
  • Check to make sure ventilators are operating properly.