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   Thanks to their state of the art facility, Monterey is able to "build bridges without walls." It's a way of boat manufacturing that brings research, development, design, engineering, testing and production together all on the same premises. It allows a short reaction time from concept to floating the boat, keeping us on the cusp of tomorrow's marine design.

    This has never been more evident than what you see in the Monterey Cruiser and Sport Yacht Line up.  From the 250CR  8.5' beam pocket cruiser to the 330, 350 , and 400 Sport can see, feel, and appreciate the Monterey difference. But hold on...because the real difference is in the ride.  No matter what size or what configuration, Monterey is the best riding, most sea worthy hull out there. So get the family, call the friends, and lets get you cruising on one of the nations best built, best designed, and best value cruiser and Sport Yachts in the nation today! 


  To view the Full Monterey Cruiser and Sport Yacht Line…Click Here